Families and Family Therapy Minuchin

Live and Virtual Workshops

Trainings will focus on:

  • History of Family Therapy.
  • Central concepts Corollaries (results, effects, outcomes)
  • History of Family Therapy.
  • Central concepts of Structural family Therapy. (model of functioning family; symptoms of dysfunctional families; hierarchy, boundaries, coalitions, subsystems, complementarity, and patterns of relationships).
  • Assessment (seeing versus hearing, larger systems, family life cycle, mapping, restructuring goals and applications of mapping and restructuring goals) Engagement) therapist as part of the system, joining, structure of the first session and tracking enactments)
  • Structural Interventions (intensify and focus, unbalancing, enactment, reframing)
  • Case Presentations and video Presentations.

Trainings are 5 week – 2 hours each week. $500 dollars for 10 hours of training for each subscriber. 

Virtual and In-Person classes are available. 


On-site Training and Consultation For Agencies

The Minuchin Center for the Family offers training and consultation on the application of Structural Family Therapy principles and interventions at mental health settings, substance abuse programs, hospitals, child welfare agencies, and public schools. Training ranges from one day workshops to long term programs. Consultation includes the development and implementation of family centered procedures and protocols in the work with children and families.

Training and consultation programs are tailored to the specific needs of practitioners and agencies. Outcome criteria focus on the practitioners’ mastery of the principles of working systemically, and their ability to translate theoretical concepts into clinical interventions with families.

Find out how our training and consultation can benefit your organization, contact us.